About us

Organization Mission:
To help reduce failure rate in open enrolment examinations into the higher institutions of learning.

Organization Vision:
To be a social impact platform business delivering Africa's Largest aggregation of practice questions using innovations and low technologies to improve enrolment into the higher institutions of learning.

Date of Establishment: 2013 as Jambsuccessng.com re-branded to Learningtreeng in 2015


Reach of Initiative Nigeria and West Africa
An innovative e-learning resource portal that prepares candidates for major Nigeria examinations using the Computer Based Test (CBT) model. Our unique selling point is convenience, ease of use, reliability and quality past questions repository. This will impact positively on the affected students to improve their performance in JSCE, SSCE & JAMB examinations.

Tell us how your entry is unique
Within the last 10 years, the rate of failure in SSCE exams has been between 60%-70%, with many failing to obtain credit pass in Mathematics and English Language. This is discouraging, especially for parents who have made immense investment and sacrifice to provide for the education of their wards. The cause of this massive failure is not far-fetched. Students have abandoned the reading culture of “burning the mid-night oil”.They are now seriously distracted by TV, Internet and their smart phones. It cannot be over-emphasized how difficult it is to get them to read their physical books. This has prompted the need to close the seemingly widening gap in students failure rate over the years, we believe learningtreeng will plug the hole by providing an interactive means of acquiring knowledge and increasing chances of students enrollment in the University.
Learningtreeng is innovative in the following ways; 

  1. All questions are loaded once, saving you time and moving on to the next question by just swiping. 
  2. It has a similar look and feel to the original CBT platform hence giving the student an identical simulation of the Jamb exam. 
  3. It is responsive and mobile friendly hence increasing better user experience.
  4. It has a database of past questions from 1978 to 2014. 
  5. You can review questions after taking exams to know where you are right or wrong. 
  6. You can adjust timing of examination to mimic that of the real examination. 
  7. Study Center helps practice without timing and also get to see solutions to questions. 
  8. There is a career guide that helps pick appropriate subjects for each field of study.

Describe the unique, differentiating elements of your idea or concept.
Our idea is unique because we will be working directly with schools and teachers to implement the process. This will be a long term project and a cyclical event as students take entrance examinations yearly. We will also be offering counseling and special tutorials for students through our platform via the internet.